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Oxymoron combination. Linen and Couture.

What can be in common between an haute couture atelier and a dull plain fabric, which was used as a floor cloth by our grannies? Perhaps it will be difficult to find a simpler material as raw linen. This rough and tough to the touch fabric is often used for technical needs. But taking advantage of this particular oxymoron- a technical fabric for haute couture, may help to achieve splendid results.

A natural raw linen fabric is the smoothest material for your body. Being a strong natural antiseptic, linen has antibacterial properties, which lower any pathogen bacterial flora. All the fungi and bacteria die on the linen fabric. A wonderful hygroscopicity of linen allows not only absorbing moisture but also helps to feel fresh and cool. Being hypoallergenic even for very sensitive people linen is a very good material for clothes and also for bedclothes.

Seeing the numerous advantages of the linen fabric, the professionals from the DressTheatreCouture atelier have created a collection of clothes made of linen, samples of which can be used not only as casual clothing but also as evening dress. And the main distinctive feature of linen clothes design is lacing, trimming with buttons and piping. These trimmings prevent fabric from muss and accentuate unusualness and beauty of the paradox combination of the rude handle and extravagance of the design.


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