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A smart dressing-gown. Did our husbands deserve to see us always looking beautiful?

For historical reasons, the style of home clothing we borrowed not from true ladies and gentlemen, who didn't allow themselves a mess in their outlook even when they were all alone. They always thought with the great care how they look, just appreciating themselves by doing that. Our preferences got down to the lowest stratum of society, the members of which didn't come across the fact that clothes had to implement one more function beside just covering a naked body and warming.

Home clothing and all the Casual clothes don't represent any peculiar luxury, don't accentuate and highlight your figure or the owner's status and as a result these clothes don't excite admiring glances. More often such clothes are always shapeless but very cosy. Yes, home clothing is very soft, yes, it's really comfortable, yes, it's very close to you and favourite. In one word - homy. So, what do you want? Our home is the only place where we can finally relax and take pleasure of the comfort that surrounds us. We are in our covert, nobody can see us or hurt, except our husbands or children. The main part of our family life they see us, softly speaking, too homely and non-aesthetic. It can be very shabby silken dressing-gown from La Perla, which was beautiful and new long time ago. Or it can be worse for wear, shabby and stretched on the buttock and knees track pants, seemingly by Juicy Fruit. It also can be a bit bitten by your lovely dog UGG slippers. Your shirt from Armani has a hole, obviously from a gangster bullet. And in addition to the hole you have a constantly arousing but slipping thought: " I'll sew it up right now!" And your pajamas go without saying. Our husband is a lucky man, if we sleep with nothing on...

Our loving husbands and beloved children see us very often (and sometimes it's more than often) as such "Helen of Troy" in our home environment. So what? Everybody does this way and we do, everybody loves and we love. Until one day we catch our husband's eye, staring at an unfamiliar good-looking beautiful woman, a little bit longer than we wanted. And it's a bad idea to convince him that she looks so good only outdoors, and at home she is a nasty woman in a shabby dressing-gown and she can hardly cook scrambled eggs. Our dressing-gown, meanwhile, hangs on the bathroom's door with a silent reproof.

What stops you than? Why don't we leap into the breach at once trying to save the love and gaining attention of your closest and dearest man? Why don't we rush to the store in the search of heavenly beauty. Because we know that a suit from La Perla though being very expensive and exclusive today is made of polyester, and because of that our tender body'll feel itchy and will erupt. And our dressing-gown though being old was made of natural silk, and it is still very nice to the touch, though really charmless. Because the waistband on our track pants from Juice Fruit isn't meant for our a bit increased in size waist and will cling to our hips and rub. And our worse for wear pants are so soft now and we feel very comfortable wearing them. Because you'll have to break in ballet-slippers from UGG of 38 shoe size and bear that they fit too tightly, and you won't buy 39 size because they'll slip down every time. And what about Armani shirt? It'll be very difficult to find such a shirt that will suit your breast size. But the most important thing is that you'll have to find time for searching, trying on and buying all the clothes you need, and your time is the most precious thing we have, and we often feel lack of it. And having wasted our time, it's not necessarily right that we'll find something we were looking for.

There is one more variant, we can search and choose clothes in the Internet with an option of free trying on, but in reality these pieces of clothes look like on the pictures very rarely, and even more rarely suit to the size or colour. The idea of creation of rather small but complete elegant home wardrobe doesn't come into our mind. And it's a very big mistake... Such trend as tailoring of individual home clothing was long gone about one century ago. That was the time when rich people and forward-minded intellectual class had another problem to solve "survive before thrive..." The rapid development of fashion industry in the latter half of the 20th century, loss of many habits, more simple attitude to clothes didn't promote that trend. That's why we do not think about it. And only accidentally coming across some photos and articles in the Internet we may think about tailoring of luxurious and comfortable clothes which will be made only for you, which'll accentuate good points and disguise shortcomings. You will get a sports suit in which you won't be embarrassed to show up at the breakfast in the restaurant of any elite resort, a silken dressing-gown looking more like an evening dress, but still comfortable and hard wearing like your old shabby and dear dressing-gown. You'll also have some bright silken shirts which can be easily combined with any suit for any important business meeting. It's pleasant, stylish, comfortable, cosy, luxurious, hard wearing and beautiful. And the main point is that it was made only for your and your loved ones.


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