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DRESS THEATRE represents the types of clothes which are in harmony with you

       Clothes is like your second skin - is your defense, a part of your personal 'You', Your mood, success and pleasure. Even when the clothes is made specially for You, it gives that strongest positive energy that maximizes your vitality, shows your individuality, helps to stay always in a good bright mood. 

      Dora Blank's Dress Theatre Couture motto is:

"You are beautiful and we make people see it!"

   We create your full cycle personal wardrobe, accentuating and showing Your natural beauty.
   DressTheatre Couture specialists create uniquely designed personal collections of clothes, shoes and accessories and fragrance wardrobe. You can choose the models from the existing Catalogue, or create absolutely new shapes and combinations with us, up to completely exclusive eventful and seasonal personal collections.

     Our clothes represent complicated but most ergonomic, adapted and historical fit. It's a combination of a strict Technology, light Energy with great Love, that we put in every piece of clothes and give
it to You. 

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