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Gorgeous "padded jackets" Couture from Dora Blank

A Soft, light, warm, smooth to the touch beautiful jacket - is a padded jacket from Dora Blank. This word is in the quotation marks, because this piece of clothes, that looks like a gorgeous designer's Haute Couture garment, implements all the functions of the true padded jacket - but is very smart light and nice to the touch.

Silky on both sides, quilted with natural woolen padding polyester and even with cashmere, two-sided very light and soft "padded jacket", jacket, dressing-gown, shirt can be of different colours and can have different degree of warmth, a bit thicker or thinner. One thing that unites all these garments is that all of them are gorgeously beautiful, nice to the touch, they are made only of natural materials, they are elastic, soft, have all the advantages of natural silk - warm when it's cold outside and cool when it's hot. They perfectly suit to our grannies and moms, because they do not fit too tightly, do not rub, and they are hypoallergenic. You will have long expected smile and joy of possessing... What can be better, when your gift arouses such feelings and emotions...

You can order "padded jackets" of a various design and shape, dressing-gowns, dresses, shorts and jackets implemented in such technique in DressTheatre.


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