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DoraLife collection - casual comfort of luxury

Comfortable luxury. By these two words in a nutshell you can describe a new DoraLife Autumn/Winter 2017/18 collection by famous designer Dora Blank.

Relax by a fireplace, happily meet with friends on Sunday, feel comfortable walking, spend a luxury week at a ski resort, go out without a tough stressful preparation. Clothing of a new DoraLife collection by outstanding Dora Blanc is for cosy and happy moments and days of a lifetime. Created only from natural, tactilely pleasing fabrics, ergonomic and comfortable, you want to touch and wear these clothes all the time without taking it off. They are aesthetic, beautiful and convenient at the same time.

Quilted silk and knitwear incredibly adorn home dresses and warmers heating not only a body, but a soul as well. Tracksuits of cashmere and knitted cotton velvet are trimmed with stretch satin silk. It gives an elegant chic to a trivial sportswear garment. Comfortable and royally beautiful clothes for active walks: warm quilted overalls and skirts in combination with thick sweaters and jerseys. Incredibly cosy and warm quilted coats and jackets made of bright silk, silk velvet, eco-suede are hand-sewn using the 4+ BeautyDryWarmComfort exclusive patented technology.

4+ BeautyDryWarmComfort technology combines several layers of different fabrics complementing the quality of each other. Beauty is a luxurious, often delicate and difficult to wear Haute Couture fabric that becomes durable and comfortable as a result of using the 4+ technology. Dry is a layer of a thin, weightless, but very durable waterproof fabric restraining the wind and rain. Warm is a layer of padding polyester or sherstepon, which depending on density and thickness will save not only from dank autumn bad weather, but will also keep warm in the most severe frosts. Comfort is a natural silk lining, comfortable and gently enveloping a body. 4 layers of fabrics quilted by hand create a new universal type of fibre by a synergy. You can produce an outerwear of the Haute Couture type and quality, but casual at the same time from such a multi-layered fabric.

Even in the most active sports trip you cannot avoid visiting an evening or at least a cocktail party. In Dora Blank's understanding, who knows a lot about not only beautiful clothes, but also its ergonomic properties, these pieces of clothes are very comfortable and good-looking. Practical cashmere trousers, narrow, high-waisted and wide flying. Cosy cashmere suits and dresses of the most complicated cut from jersey and knitwear with embroidery, suede and buttons. Two-layer comfortable dresses from a unique woollen guipure. Silk, lace and chiffon polos and blouses which lightness and tenderness pleasantly emphasize the comfort and warmth of trousers, jackets and skirts. You are not obliged to wear these clothes with a high heel bringing discomfort and tension in your relax time. They are perfectly combined with shoes with high soles and platform, rough shoes, just beloved UGG.

And, of course, the entire collection is saturated with love for the profession and for women who will wear these cosiness and positive energy filled clothes from Dora Blank.

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