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Business in comfort... The blouse-bodysuit as an instrument of achieving comfort.

Being one of the main thing in your basic and business wardrobe a blouse can be modified into: a polo shirt, a shirt, a blouse-jacket, a sport or an evening blouse. We think, that the blouse-bodysuit stands apart in this list really undeservingly. And the reasons of it are reasonable: it's practically impossible to find the blouse-bodysuit that'll fit you perfectly and will be of a beautiful design. Unless it'll be made from knit-wear. And everybody who happened to find such piece of clothes, that suits perfectly, heaps praises on the comfort of it: such blouse-bodysuit doesn't get out of your trousers belt and waistbelt, and doesn't hang there like a bag, it'll visually reduce the size of the waist and slenderize you and will be wear well - you can sit down, weave your hands, dance and have fun, staying like a good girl, smart dressed.

Despite the numerous amount of advantages, the blouse-bodysuit doesn't become so widespread like other pieces of clothes in your wardrobe. As in the overalls in such type of clothes many factors should be taken into account. Here exist plenty of nuances and you won't get a really comfortable garment without taking them into consideration: all the proportion of this blouse should size up your body proportions, the pants should be made of cotton or silken stretch material, and its hight should correspond to the hight of your trousers belt or waistbelt. All of these problems can be solved only one way - you can't buy the suitable for you blouse-bodysuit, you can only sew it. On the plus side is that there are infinite amount of variants of this garment: you'll get a design, a colour, tailoring with account of all the nuances of your figure and mood.


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