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Evening dress - is it comfortable? ... Can an evening dress be as comfortable as a tracksuit?

I think each of us is familiar with a very definite feeling arising during the preparation for a big celebration: on the one hand, we impatiently look forward to it; on the other hand, we have a sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach thinking of how everything will work out and how we will look like. Not a fancy hairdressing and make-up performed by your favourite makeuper will play a significant role, but what dress you will wear on this day and whether associated problems will spoil a celebration mood.

Here we must make a reservation right away that almost all the evening dresses are not comfortable a priori. Somehow it has already been set that in terms of an evening dress you are to endure discomfort with the last strength: a strap presses, or on the contrary falls down, a hem lifts or breast rolls out.

There can be an infinite number of inconveniences. And when one has to struggle with these ridiculous, but urgent issues, there is no longer any moral strength left to luxuriously shine when appearing before swell society. But what can we do? Beauty requires a sacrifice. What options do we have? Wear jeans and sneakers? It is not comme il faut. And anyway you want beauty ...

Customers of expensive high-quality ateliers are happy owners of evening dresses as comfortable as tracksuits. Of course, not all the dressmakers emphasize ergonomics and comfort when wearing, but where they really think about it, the result exceeds all the expectations.

The DressTheatre Couture atelier of the Russian designer Dora Blank specializes in exclusively designed evening dresses combining two very important and complex technologies: historical cut and dancing one. Firstly, our designers sew all the clothing in the atelier using a historical cut adapted to a modern measurement: there is no single straight standard line there. It significantly complicates a cutting process, but greatly influences on the quality fitting and architectural beauty of a figure.

Secondly, dresses with an open back, with a tough tightening, corset bodice, and of any complex cut in the end are made applying on a tight, almost sports swimsuit of a fleshly mesh. It excellently keeps its shape, additionally smoothes all the figure imperfections, visibly fills up and beautifully emphasizes a breast (tight cups of any size are put there). If necessary, soft, but dense corset bones are put into a swimsuit body; it makes a silhouette slimmer. But the most important thing is the swimsuit keeps unmoving even the most sophisticated design of an evening dress. Nothing falls out; you look magnificently and don’t need to think about anything but your own beauty.

Voila ... What could be better? A luxurious perfectly fit evening dress ... as comfortable as a tracksuit. If to keep in mind that there is an opportunity to show all your extravagant creative energy helping with a dress in the atelier, you will be able to get a dress of your dream by the next big party.

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