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Ode to overalls. Always in trend..

Ode to overalls… Why is it trendy again?

Today an element of initially work wear is in trend again. And there are plenty of variants of colours and shapes of these comfortable and beautiful clothes.

The story of overalls has lasted only for several centuries. The first time it was mentioned in the letter of Catherine the Great in which she tells about a wonderful suit for her grandson. Since then the triumph marsh of overalls has been lasting. At first as work wear, and at the end of 20th century – as fashionable clothes. Broad and form-fitting, corset or shirt top looking like evening dress or sportswear. In the middle of 80th the American women lovingly called latex overalls of Catwoman – “catsuit”. How can one better describe clothes that are form-fitting and do not hamper?

The only problem of the overalls as well as blouse-bodysuit, is its specific fit. Only broad garments do not have such problems. Individual tailoring with adjusting fitting – is the simplest solution. In this case the endless expanse of creativity opens up, because there are no limits for your fantasy. You need to choose the style direction, fabrics and then create…


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