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A designer blouse. Is it possible to completely refresh a basic wardrobe with some blouses?

Specialists in compounding a high-quality personal wardrobe and its optimization know very well that some interesting designer garments in one's wardrobe are enough to make up the complete season collection. Embroidered jackets, colourful scarves and accessories, sophisticated shawls, luxurious blouses can be among them.

The permanent and necessarily comfortable basic wardrobe remains almost unchanged over the years. Well, except the cases when its owner drastically changes in measurements. You can refresh and amend it continuously applying the right approach, adding only 1-2 garments being well combined with other elements of the wardrobe per season.

A mini-collection of 3-4 luxurious designer blouses is able to totally transform the wardrobe. Uniquely designed blouses of the highest quality made in a single copy are a pure dressmaking masterpiece. You can wear it in extraordinary combinations: with skirts, suits, jeans, as a jacket over a dress or T-shirts.

You will be very lucky if you manage to find such a good-quality blouse suitable for other clothes among manufactured pieces of clothes. In most cases an individual approach should be applied. By addressing to an atelier of individual tailoring, you can obtain everything rolled into one. The study and correction of the wardrobe by an experienced stylist will be completed by a design and making-up of missing garments in your home collection that will transform and refresh the basic wardrobe. The DressTheatre Couture atelier of individual tailoring has been comprehensively working with a personal wardrobe for two decades, and a quality of this clothes made there speaks for itself.


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