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Maintaining a wardrobe at a monthly fee.

Ведение гардероба

What is it?

Developing and maintaining a wardrobe for 15 years, OxymoronAtelier, the DressTheatre brand, has elaborated a service that fully helps to delegate all the concerns about your wardrobe to professionals.

The key idea is as follows:

- We study and optimize your existing wardrobe with you

- We train your staff to work with your wardrobe (at your request)

- We agree on the style trend of the wardrobe

- Every month we develop new models of clothes fitting the existing wardrobe and the chosen style trend.

- With or without your staff, we constantly monitor and service the wardrobe in terms of repair, cleaning

- We receive a monthly fee determined by you, i.e. a lump-sum payment (total payment): wardrobe service, development of new wardrobe items, tailoring, online consultations.

For whom is this service?

Men and women who:

- Do not have the opportunity to engage in their wardrobe due to lack of time

- Want to be sure that their wardrobe is always in perfect order

- They want to be able to constantly refresh their wardrobe with clothes matching their style preferences.

- They want to be able to ask online questions about their wardrobe to a professional.

The job comprises of the following:

- Together we determine an appropriate amount to spend each month on your wardrobe.

- We determine a scheme of our joint work depending on your lifestyle.

- We know your existing wardrobe inside and out and can always give advice on the style and colour combination of a particular clothing.

- We determine general desired trends for the future garments and mini-collections.

- We enter required event dates in the calendar.

- We are engaged in your wardrobe in accordance with the chosen scheme of work without your constant involvement.

- You determine the desired degree of your involvement in the process by yourself.

Each month on a pre-arranged day we send a monthly proposal for the wardrobe development, fabric samples taking into account the existing wardrobe, monitor and maintain the wardrobe (repair, cleaning) for a certain pre-determined amount of money.

- After agreeing on the desired models, we schedule fitting and delivery dates

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