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Custom-made Couture prom dress of your dream

Graduation is the very first real adult celebration. And, of course, like Cinderella from a fairy tale of a bygone childhood, every girl wants to become a real princess this day. What thing can make any girl beautiful emphasizing all the advantages and hiding flaws if not a dress?

A chase for a prom dress begins long before the most important day of a lifetime. A huge number of beautiful images fall out to a research in the Internet and social networks. But when you are going into it in more detail, it turns out that the dress you liked in a photo does not fit you or is twisted, sewn of synthetics making the body itch, or simply the dress is out of your size. The further, the worse. The X day is approaching, and the dress of your dream is still not available.

A tailoring atelier becomes the only solution to the problem. In a high-quality studio there is an opportunity not only to sew a beautiful dress. A designer and couturier will first attentively listen to all your wishes, discuss the problem of choice, and discuss with you which shapes and colours will best suit the figure proportion and the chosen style. Assisted by of a professional technologist, you will select the best and high-quality fabrics from samples, draw a sketch and ... create your own masterpiece of tailor's art.

In general, a custom-made dress differs a lot from any even the most expensive brand, but bought in a store dress. It is exactly a dress from your dream. It perfectly fits you, reveals all your noticeable features and takes eyes off from all the concerns. You feel comfortable in a custom-made dress - it takes into account all the nuances of the figure. The positive energy of a master who was thinking exactly about you when created it, and your own energy you invested in collaborative creative work fill the dress.

The DressTheatre house of personal collections of Dora Blank is a place where the miracle of giving birth to a dress of your dream will happen before you. On the most important day of your life you will feel like a princess from a fairy tale who undoubtedly will meet her handsome prince.

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