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Order models from the catalog

You can make an online order of tailoring of individual items of clothes in our catalog of finished pieces of clothes. There are no finished items in our store because tailoring is implemented only after taking the measurements. You can have a look at the patterns of our clothes in our showroom in Stoleshnikov lane. Our manager will contact you to discuss the procedure of tailoring.

Individual tailoring of collections

You can go to the to the islands with your man, all alone, alone but in the search of somebody, with your husband, with your children. And these will be five completely different collections of clothes, which we create together, the models will harmonize with each other, they'll suit to a concrete period of time, event or occasion, an individual design and tailoring is the best decision for you.

Development of an individual wardrobe.

An individual wardrobe is the main line of our work which includes a creation of the individual wardrobe: the wardrobe which starts with zero point, the creation of your style, tailoring of some mini collections: seasonal, to a journey or an event. You can decide anytime if you want to be a part of a creative process or leave everything to the creative mind of our professionals.

Keeping wardrobe

Together we decide how much money you are able to spend on your clothes monthly, we look up for you existing wardrobe and define the future main trends of your mini collections. We bring into your calendar the necessary dates of your events every month in a before planned days, then we post your a monthly offer for developing your wardrobe according to the defined sum of money, and send you some samples according to your own wardrobe.

Refreshing and correction of your wardrobe

When your wardrobe is stuffed with the clothes but there is nothing to wear at all, we 'll examine the existing wardrobe, evolve a strategy of developing it, work out the additional elements taking into account your clothes and upgrade the existing wardrobe.

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