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Nobody does like that ... Can clothes be anything special?

“Do you want to say that you like only your own work and what you create nobody else does?" The words of our friend praising Loro Piana, Brunello Cucinelli, Hermes and Ferragamo sounded quite aggressively. "They use luxurious fabrics of high quality, have excellent cut and sewing quality. And what is the most important, they invest enormous sums of money in technology..."

“And I take the same fabrics,” designer Dora Blank retorts, “I have excellent, even better cut and sewing quality, I use cutting-edge technologies of historical cut developed and worked out over the years where we conduct a tridimensional examination of a human figure, there is not a single straight line and banal tuck; today they are completely replaced by rigid straight lines of the manufacturing standard. At the same time, I produce not standard pieces of clothes, but unique ones. Moreover, they fit a customer's figure perfectly. But the main thing is that my masters put endless positive energy into every garment. We create our masterpieces under the name of the DressTheatre Couture by Dora Blank in the atmosphere of pleasure and joy. It adds them extra strong energetic properties.

Every customer notes that the desire to wear our clothes is infinite, that these garments have some kind of elusive feature and properties. In any case technology should be at the forefront, of course. But if we add warmth of a human soul to it, a thing no machine can replace, then the result will be outstanding. Loro Piana or Brunello Cucinelli's pieces of clothes mean quality and technology. Dora Blank's ones mean quality, technology and human energy.

Yes, I do not just do my job, I do what I do. Today I can confidently say that the DressTheatre Couture atelier's output is a result no one else obtains. I was chasing it all my life, dreamed, made mistakes, many times created everything from scratch. Luxurious fashion houses where the Couture collections are sewn exist, but all these collections consist of evening clothes, clothes to go out, for special ceremonial events. And despite the high quality and prices, most often these garments are not exclusive, i.e. they are doubled, repeated. The entire technology of the large-scale production is built on finding the perfection, and then a duplication and mass production follow. Otherwise, the money invested will not be returned.

Having the proven technology of historical cut, complete hand sewing made by the high-level seamstress masters, in the DressTheatre Couture atelier we create not only evening clothes, but a personal wardrobe of exclusive Couture quality features.


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