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Exclusive Technology 4+BDWC - BeautyDryWarmComfort

Exclusive Technology 4+BDWC - BeautyDryWarmComfort is developed by OxumoronAtelier to create gorgeous articles of the wardrobe, which combine the beauty of Haute Couture and warmth, comfort, durability of sport and casual clothes of the wardrobe.

The 4+BDWC Technology implies four layers in warm-up jackets and coats: "Beauty" - outer ornamental layer, "Dry" - is used under the ornamental layer. It is waterproof and wind- resistant silk with a special water-repellent impregnation. "Warm" - is a natural woolen padding polyester or cashmere. And the last one is "Comfort" - is a silk backing - smooth to your touch, it has an insulation and is beautifully quilted.

This original "sandwich" solves practically all the problems of a nasty weather: the owner of such clothes can be not afraid of snow, wind, rain and cold, moreover the outer ornamental layer made of any even tender thin fabrics such as silk, lace, organza, velvet is safe doubled. It's the reason why it not only holds its shape but also the durability in such a "sandwich" increases. Even capricious tender super exclusive fabrics last almost like firm wear proof sport fabrics.

It allows creating the clothes of outstanding designs and beauty, keeping the visual imagery of Haute Couture designs, with that you get an amazing comfortable, cosy and warm casual piece of clothes.

Today there exist several projects of OxumoronAtelier based on 4+ BDWC Technology. The most actively developing project is "A gift for the granny".

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