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Sport and luxury can be mixed up. Couture tracksuits by DressTheatre by Dora Blank

Today no one will be surprised by an expensive tracksuit that will cost like an evening dress. Laced, decorated with golden dragons, embroidered with beads, rhinestones and even feathers, these clothes are not always designed to do sports. Attracting a client and chasing an alluring image, many reputable brands forget that clothes must still be functional, as well as eye catching.

So, it turns out that embroidery unbearably pricks underside causing scabies, shiny rhinestones and feathers slowly fall off, and then bare ugly spots remain on velour, pants and a jacket do not stretch, so you can’t even sit down normally. There is the only possible result - a suit is placed into the closet until better times: well, maybe someday the body will endure spines underside. And in fact, you paid almost a fortune for it.

Do functional designer expensive tracksuits really exist? Gorgeous pieces of sportswear by Nike or Bogner are popular for a reason. They look beautiful, expensive; they are also functional and comfortable to a high degree. Nevertheless... you are unlikely to find them among numerous collections made of natural fabrics. And this applies not only to sportswear, but even to underwear and sleepwear. A huge number of athletes, ordinary or extraordinary people wear synthetic clothing and do not even think about it. But personally for me, no one, I think, will ever convince me that a synthetic T-shirt is better than a natural one for my body, no matter how beautiful and using-the-latest-scientific-achievements it is made.

A DressTheatre Couture atelier, dealing with personal wardrobe for more than 2 decades, headed by Dora Blank, is constantly improving the ergonomics and comfort of its works. Tracksuits sewn from very fashionable ecological natural fabrics only - cotton velour, woollen jersey, stretch silk velvet, simply satin stretch silk - are a real piece of dressmaking art. Comfortable, cosy, lined with a silk lining, decorated with hand or machine stitching, made using a technology of historical cut, you will desire to wear it without taking it off. The fact that tracksuits by Dora Blank look luxurious should not even be mentioned, it speaks for itself. Convenience is provided by a magnificent individual cut, the latest technologies of dressmaking, experience and professional performance. Natural fabrics do not generate harmful static electricity, allow the body to live and breathe. Well, the garments made personally for you, of course, fit you perfectly underlining what needs to be emphasized, hiding what needs to be hidden. The great result!

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