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Jersey Haute Couture. How to make formal business wardrobe cosy.

How it sometimes happens, the idea of creation of a completely new type of clothes came from our client. Repeated business trips, strict business schedule and constant fatigue made her look for minimal intervals of time and variants for relaxing. And of course, primarily, it concerned her wardrobe. It's not a secret for everyone that the formal men's and women's business suits do not involve relax and leisure. Due to a lack of time even 1-3-5 minutes may become a kind of solution. But it's impossible even to stretch out, raising your hands in the business suit.

The jersey polo was out of question - because it doesn't look formal enough. Creative search and constructive thoughts resulted in choosing... jersey. We used it in a cut of a classical jacket, keeping all the jersey's characteristics. But now it, staying as cosy, comfortable, warm and moveable as usual, has begun to look really presentably. Two-piece suits made of jersey shirts and jackets with silken stretching lining, decorated with handmade plain edging immediately have become one of the most popular models not only of the business wardrobe and everyday personal collections, but also evening dresses and suits. You just have to add a gorgeous flower on your shoulder...

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