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Persian pickles and more...

Introduced in Switzerland a few years ago by Dora Blank, warm cosy padded jackets and felt boots designed by a Russian couturier, sewn of or decorated with fabrics of the Pavlov Posad manufactory, are widely distributed in expensive ski resorts. It is worth to mention that both men and women wear such clothes.

"Where did you get these Etro fabrics?" Friends and journalists asked Dora Blank after the To Be Two show, where Persian pickles were actively used in the design of the winter collection of coats, jackets, dresses. "When designs of these fabrics were elaborated, the Etro company was not even a trace", was a routine answer.

Despite the name, Persian pickles came to Russia from India and became especially trendy in designs of shawls and headscarves of the 19th century. Being the largest manufactory producing luxurious Russian shawls, the factory created many original designs using Persian pickles and roses as well. In the 20th century, many things were lost and then restored only after a hundred years.

Today the Pavlov Posad headscarves delight women with their luxurious original designs around the world. Every now and then we can meet women who cover open shoulders of evening gowns with stoles decorated with familiar roses and pickles at the very respectful parties in Europe, America, Asia. Such a sign of the modern world fashion trend is a vivid example of the diffusion of cultures actively used and developed in dressmaking by the DressTheatre house of personal collections.

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