Handicraft as Psychotechnics. A Series of Articles. Article 2

Have you ever thought why handicraft – as the art of women creating utilitarian products – appeared thousands years ago, but still keeps on living and nowadays is even revived in its new capacity? The large-scale production seems to have made the market of consumer goods (clothes, footwear, haberdashery, jewelry) diversified, affordable and inexpensive. And still, even now we can find women – strange as they are from the philistine point of view, – who elaborate a complicated pattern in the child’s sweater, or stitch a sophisticated tracery in the pillow devotedly, with love and patience, during evenings (and if they are too busy, even during the night time, to the detriment to their sleep!). When everyone can buy sweaters and pillows in the store, market or online at rock-bottom prices without any fuss. Then what’s the point?

The secret of vitality of woman handicraft lies not only in the female nature getting the upper hand – women of the ХХІ century, just like their progenitresses in the before-emancipation era, want to feel like WOMEN again, not weak and helpless, but talented, creative and one-of-a-kind. Those, who are fond of handicraft, turn out to have active genetic memory storing centuries-old primal knowledge that the womanhood consists in creation of the new. But most important is that handicraft is subconscious psychotherapy!

A stitch, another one, and one more – thousands of them. A thread against the thread, a row against the row − embroiderer’s fingers move fast and accurately. Intricacy of lines, play of colors, fascinating palette, consistent pace of palinoia-precise movements virtually make a person fall into a trance. The hands are busy, the head is free from needless thoughts, consciousness and emotions maintain the stable balance. In essence, it is the state of contemplative meditation and concentration that yoga followers strive to for years, being guided by experienced Maharishis (sometimes, for lots of money).

And it’s not surprising that today neurologists treat handicraft as “new yoga”. One and the same brain areas get activated during meditation and doing your favorite crafts. Positive influence of mediation on health and mental capabilities has been already proven time and again, while until now medical experts have not paid much attention to handicraft.